Germany's first Curl Shop

SARI CURLS is a young Start-Up company based in Viernheim with a mission to reform the world of curls and to awaken the love of curly hair. Our motivation is to redefine the standards of beauty and to support the movement towards natural beauty.


SARI CURLS stands for accepting our natural curls the way we were born with. In order for you to give your curls more love, we provide you with the necessary care products as well as valuable knowledge around the topic of structured hair. We are the first and best contact point for everyone with wavy, curly or kinky hair.

We are cooperating with companies based in the USA, Great Britain, Europe and Germany which are always striving to produce and act more sustainable. To us, it is highly important to support brands which are black-owned, woman-owned or are just starting their own small business like we do.



The A-Team

Those behind the magic.

We love to strengthen our relationship with you - that is why we want to introduce ourselves:

Serpil Sari

CEO & Founder

She is the beating heart and the creative root of SARI CURLS. On a daily basis she infects each and everyone with her good mood, she is an absolute role model for all of us and we get inspired by her dedication and passion. She stays curious and always informes herself on every topic relating to structured hair. Serpil is a true problem solver and constantly finds new ways for optimization. It is her focus and goal to present you a unique shopping experience and to accompany you on your individual curl journey.

Get inspired by her personal story of how she brought the curl shop to existence.

Fun Fact: Serpil is a true night owl. She usually has her most creative and sometimes most productive phase at night. It is not uncommon that she works very late until the early morning hours and comes across the most unusual and creative ideas.🦉


Customer Success & Online Editor

On the one hand, Joanna is passionately taking care of your questions and concerns as she handles the Customer Service. With her extensive knowledge, all inquiries are answered and resolved with love and as quickly and efficiently as possible - because your satisfaction is our priority.

On the other hand, she writes detailed and informative articles for our blog as an online editor, guiding curl newbies and updating allstars on their curl journey. With this contribution we want to offer you additional information for your hair care routine so that you are armed with valuable knowledge and the right product selection.

Fun fact: Joanna is a colorful and happy person. She only wears amazing colorful socks and never black socks. Because she believes that only colorful socks put you in a good mood.🧦


Webshop & Digital Marketing

As our latest addition to the team, Fabienne takes care of our webshop and makes sure that you can buy your favorite products in our curl shop. She keeps our online store up to date in order for you to find everything you desire and to have all the important product information at a glance. 

She also takes care of our digital marketing and designs our online presence. In doing so, she communicates the identity of SARI CURLS so that the curl community can find a virtual place where they feel welcome, understood and in good hands.

Fun fact: Fabienne is truly clumsy. It is not uncommon that she wants to do too many things at the same time. In doing so, however, gravity sometimes gets in the way and things fall to the ground.🤷‍♀️


Warehouse & Quality Control

As a true athlete, Charlotte manages the warehouse, the ultimate heart of SARI CURLS. She makes sure that all products are on hand and ready for packaging in order to find their way straight and safely to your door.  

In addition to that, she is fully committed to receiving the goods and controlling the quality of your current and future favorite products. With a keen eye for detail, she checks whether all products are in their best condition and are meeting our standards.

Fun fact: Charlotte truly loves to laugh. Her energy is reflected in her laughter. If something is way too funny, it might happen that she forgets to breathe and has to pull out her asthma spray.🤣